Jessica Ingold

YA & Adult Fiction


The Spirit Catchers (paperback)

The business of dying has always been a numbers game. From the moment she set foot in The Establishment, Sarah Galloway has never questioned her purpose. She is a Spirit Catcher, a supernatural being tasked with escorting human souls to the hereafter. Only after she has met a predefined collection quota will she be considered for regeneration—the last step on her journey toward the next iteration of her life.

Despite her immortality, her job is not without its hazards. Chief among these threats are malevolents, corrupt entities with a hankering for world domination. Condemned to an eternity in The Establishment's basement, these powerful spirits must remain under lock and key to safeguard the future of humanity.

And now they've been set free.

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Fate Unwritten

Fate Unwritten is a story about loss, recovery, and healing, but also about the moments that define a life and why even the best-laid plans don't come with any guarantees.

The first book in the Moving Mountains series, Fate Unwritten explores the relationship between choice and consequence and how one decision can affect so many lives. Hannah Lowry never counted on a single night changing her life, until an impaired driver does just that. Now, cast adrift and still reeling from her recent loss, she must learn to let go of old dreams to make room for new opportunities—and new people.

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Silver Bracelet

Gabby O’Connor’s once idyllic rural life has taken a sudden downward turn: her best friend, Trisha, has a new nephew, her swimming ambitions are dashed, and her boyfriend, Jayden, has joined the Armed Forces. The last thing Gabby needs is a new boy to make things complicated.

Vince McCarthy, however, is not what Gabby expected. Mysteriously charming and relentlessly devoted to her, she is suffocated by the immensity of his influence as he salvages the family farm and enchants everyone he meets – including Trisha. But beneath his impeccable façade lays a crippling secret, and deep emotional scars that only Gabby may be able to heal.

Silver Bracelet is a testament to the importance of friendship and forgiveness at an age when things aren’t always what they seem. 

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